Rock Your Evening At Capsule By Hinglish, Hauz Khaus Village, Delhi

Certainly, Hauz Khaus is a rocking place and so is Capsule. This was my first visit to this exciting place. Built up on Japanese concept, the place represents Pod sitting for its customers. So, here goes my review for Capsule By Hinglish, Hauz Khaus Village, Delhi.

AMBIANCE – 4.5/5

You can say, my 1st time at Pod, and I was impressed! Snapchat, Alien, Whats App, Spiderman & Many exciting pods like this. Divided across three floors, this place is located just next to Chaayos at Hauz Khaus Village, Delhi.

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Formerly known as THE PINK ROOM LOUNGE, the place is now given an electrifying makeover with cool atmosphere, very good ambiance, interesting but not too weird menu, yummy drinks. The Terrace Bar Lounge on the fifth floor encapsulates the mix of indoor & outdoor decor with beautiful planters, waterfall, and pebble flooring making it perfect for the casual evening to relax.

The fourth floor has nice DJ Console and floor to make you groove on your favorite chart-busters.

DRINKS – 4/5

The inherited Drinks from the Cartoon World of 90’s reminded me of my childhood times. High on spirit, these drinks are surely going to spark the kid inside you.

Capsule Menu.jpg

Tom & Jerry – Infused with Rose & Ginger Flavour, it was sweet in taste.

Shaggy – Frozen Raspberry Pina Colada was amazing.

Richi Rich – A fruity version of LIT you can say. Perfect Blend of Fresh orange and Rich Cranberry Juice with a pretty strong base of vodka, rum and tequila all mixed up. A Real HARD DRINK one can have.

FOOD – 3.5/5

I couldn’t find the Menu too interesting. Too much scope of improvement but whatever we ordered was nice in taste.

Mushroom Tarts – The crunchy crust with mellowed down cheese & mushrooms was delicious. Highly Recommended

Mushroom Tarts.jpg

Mirch and Paneer Poppers – Deep fried Chilies with Paneer filling served with green chutney was great on taste, but low on spice.

Chilli Poppers.jpg

Green Pea Potato Sams – Nicely decked up samosas, a great start to compliment your drink.


SERVICE – 3.5/5

Overall experience was pleasing; the staff was polite and attentive. But due to heavy rush, we had to call them many times to take our order.  So when are you guys coming J

Cost for Two – Rs.1200 (approx)


Thank you for your appreciation. Stay Connected & Keep Smiling

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