Vibrant Mrs. Delhi / NCR 2016 – Celebrating Spirit Of The Married Women

Break the barriers, Stage is all yours. The brilliant idea of promoting & encouraging the talent of the Married woman was a belief behind launching the renowned Beauty Pageant Vibrant Mrs. Delhi / NCR by Ginny Kapoor and Gagandeep Kapoor. This was the second edition of Vibrant Mrs. Delhi / NCR where 24 charming married ladies competed against each other at Ocean Pearl Retreat, Chattarpur on 29th September 2016.

Vibrant Mrs Delhi NCR.jpg

The idea behind launching this amazing platform Vibrant Mrs. Delhi / NCR 2016 was to prove the true worth of married women and their accomplishments, and commitment to their family and marriage.

What a glitzy evening it was! The beauty pageant was judged by Sharhaan Singh (TV actor), Sylvie Rodgers (Hairstylist), Shankar Sahney (singer), Dr. Varun Katyal (Nutritionist) and Katrina (Miss Ukraine). 


The pageant started with the ethnic round followed by their introductions. 


The event also gave an opportunity to Not only married women,  but with the new twist brought into the second edition, we can see the stage was set on fire by the mentally disabled and physically challenged kids who performed and made the evening even more special. This truly majestic performance left the entire audience stunned & speechless; everyone has given this superb talent a standing ovation.


The evening witnessed amazing dance performances by kids as well as contestants. This was followed by the second round in Indian Sarees with finally 12 ladies being shortlisted for the western round.    


Ginny Kapoor before announcing the winners of VIBRANT Mrs. DELHI/NCR said, “Life doesn’t end for a woman when she gets married. In fact, there is a whole world waiting to be discovered. I am happy to be a part of this initiative which celebrates a woman’s success and achievements with the whole world. We believe that they should be recognized for their ability to integrate intellect, homemaking skills, and beauty. Our focus is also on cultural identity and pride in womanhood as exemplified by well-known personalities in the field of corporate and public life.”


The winners of the Vibrant Mrs. Delhi/NCR was Preeti Joshi & VIBRANT Mrs. DELHI/NCR was Arti Sachdeva. Many socialites were seeing grazing the event and boosting the confidence of the ladies like Meenakshi Dutt, Umesh Dutt, Jaspreet Singh, Rajiv Gupta, Roshni Thakur, Mann Dua and much more.



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