Why Men Should Scrub?

Men skin is more prone to dust, free radicals, pollution, damage due to their frequent traveling, long exposure to sun, environmental pollution etc. It becomes necessary to follow a regime that can help in controlling the effect of external radicals and get the freshness back. Also, Please Don’t Forget – First Impression Is The Last Impression.
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A face scrub is an essential part of any guy’s facial skincare routine. Facial scrubs are important to keep the skin pores clean and skin problems away. For men as well, proper exfoliation is important. The beard hair can trap some dirt, dust that can lead to acne, moreover men with extremely oily skin can experience clogged pores, blackheads problems, which is why exfoliation is must have beauty ritual for men too. Below, you’ll find five reasons you need to add a face scrub to your skin care regimen if you haven’t already.

Lets take a look at these simple and easy Tips by Priyanka Tyagi, cosmetologist, and Head of Training of Skeyndor India ECL, on highlighting the benefits of a face scrub for men.

1. Residual Buildup: Although a face wash is great against any superficial buildup, it’s not as effective at digging out the grime that’s deeper in your skin. Because of its unique formula, a face scrub can really dig down and eliminate any remaining buildup that could mar your otherwise perfect complexion.

2.     A better shave: Face scrubs designed for men can help prepare your skin for shaving. In turn, you’ll get a closer shave without the annoying side effects that can often plague men: ingrown hairs and razor burn will become things f the past once you start using a face scrub regularly.

3.      Exfoliating Beads: A micro-fine face scrub has something that sets it apart from other cleansers: exfoliating beads. These beads help provide a deep clean you won’t find anywhere else. The feeling you experience when these beads hit your skin is sensational- there’s nothing quite like it. Try it out for yourself by picking up your men’s face scrub today.

face scrub.jpg

4.      Acne-Fighting Ingredients: A face scrub features one of the strongest anti-acne weapons: salicylic acid. This ingredient can help make acne breakouts disappear quickly; your skin will never be clearer.

5.      Anti-aging properties: Regular use of a face scrub will help you look younger, under eye bags and fine lines will go. Although you may be tempted to use this product every day to maximize results, don’t do it. Because of its deep-cleansing properties, use of face scrub twice a week is highly recommended.  

Well, my husband has taken ahead this  15 days challenge,  he tried essential Skeyndor scrub twice in a week and results are amazing.  You can also try it too and see the results.

Skeyndor essential-peeling-scrub.jpg

Also, let me tell you that Scrubbing is not only a female thing any more. Lovely People, get out of this stereotype behaviour and take care of your skin.

Following up this regime on regular intervals will surely change your perception. Along with the regime, we also suggest you to take care of your lifestyle as well because it imoacts the overall appeal of an individual. Scrubbing is just a begining step to refurbish your lost skin.

Definitely You Will Love The Change In Your Skin 🙂 


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