WOW! It was my first #IndiBlogger Meet. I was awaiting this meet from last so many months, and finally dream came true. Indiblogger Team has conducted many events in the past where new as well as existing bloggers are given an opportunity to share their blogging experiences. This time, it was my turn to have all the fun, and the best part of the event was. The entire afternoon started with a scrumptious lunch and ufcourse the entire session kept us glued with lots of fun and knowledge sharing activities, it was #IndiBlogger #CatchUpOnGrowth.

Actually, the Indiblogger event was a curtain raiser exclusively for the Indibloggers, from the well known Consumer Healthcare brand GSK which has extended Horlicks, India’s leading Health Food Drink (HFD), into the advanced nutrition category with the launch of Horlicks Growth +.

According to the National Family Survey 30% of Indian Kids lack growth in terms of their height & weight which needs to be taken care of. This leads to the discovery of Horlicks Growth+. Horlicks Growth+ can help in controlling the nutrition factor for a particular age group of children.

Horlicks Growth + was launched by Mr Armaan Khan, Marketing Lead for Horlicks for the subcontinent at GSK consumer health care along with Dr. Aditya Kaushik  head Medical Affairs for Indian Subcontinent at GSK consumer healthcare amidst a great afternoon at The Lalit Hotel Delhi.

The newly launched Horlicks Growth + is a high science product developed and designed by International paediatric experts. GSK Team has taken a step forward to provide a breakthrough nutrition solution for 3-9 year old children who are shorter in height and lean in weight as per their age.

Horlicks Growth+ claims itself as companion of Diet (not a diet substitute) to catch up on the lost growth of your kids. Horlicks Growth+ contains specific macronutrients like high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and growth amino acids from natural sources. All these nutrients have been identified to trigger growth in children who are falling behind on the growth curve in terms of height & weight.

Horlicks Growth+ is backed by a strong clinical trial that makes it the first brand in the category clinically proven for catch up on weight and height in children aged 3-9, with results that will be visible in 6 months.

Horlicks Growth+ comes in two delicious flavours of Chocolate and Vanilla. Trust me your kids are going to love this drink so Mom’s you need not say all that creepy things like Beta Doodh Pilo Nahi to Monkey Aa Jayega.

The advice dosage for Horlicks Growth+ is 2-3 scoops in a day to be taken along with Milk, But it depends totally upon the weight of child and to be taken along with the existing diet as a supplement not a diet substitute. The product consumption is best advised under your doctor’s supervision.

Horlicks Growth+ is priced at Rs. 585 for a 500gn pack and Rs. 315 for a 200gm pack.

The event also witnessed a great panel discussion under the presence of well known Medical experts like Natasha Badhwar (media professional, entrepreneur, blogger) Dr. Rajeev Chhabra, HOD of paediatrics at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon. Ms Satinder Kaur Walia (Child Psychologist at BLK Super Speciality Hospital),Dr. Jyoti Batra,Head Dietician at Batra Hospital.



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