Delve deep into the world-class delicacies flooding inside the cozy ambiance of the latest outlet in the heart of Sector 29, Gurgaon. Yes, Barcelos it is! Home of Peri Peri…BARCELOS SECTOR 29 GURGAON.jpgWith appetizing flavours adding eye-popping colour to the food especially burger, wrap breads, one definitely has a choice to do the ‘tippie tippie tap’ to pick the colour he/she wants. And believe us; you will love the taste of everything from start to end. A perfect blend of organic colours + taste + Portuguese & African styled ambiance.

Peri Peri Sauce.jpgIt’s not just about appeasing your taste-buds but Barcelos offers tranquility to your senses by all means. The moment you step in, you are transported to four different worlds offering one-of-its-kind experiences in one go.

Barcelos India.jpgThe outlet is further segregated into two floors with different themes. Upper floor interiors and settings showcase plush urban interiors with a inviting roof-top view. The beautiful African paintings adds well to the decor.


Barcelos sec 29.jpg

Barcelos..jpgWhile the lower ground floor, interiors takes you to countryside retreat with inviting industrial arts and designs. Great endeavors to weave in various cultures in one go; the place can easily accommodate 150+ people on each floor. Loved the Vintage Yellow Car on the Lower Ground Floor, the Fluffy European Style Cushions & comfortable sofas adds to the retro feel.

Barcelos Gurgaon.jpg

Barcelos Gurugram.jpg

Barcelos Delhi.jpgThe lower ground floor also has Sangria Bar that’s decked up with fantastic range of beer, scotch to get your spirits high for the Party Mood. 

Sangria Bar Barcelos

The garden sitting is beautifully done with cane furniture, dim lighting, greenery all over and ufcourse the beautiful paintings all over set your mood right.

Barcelos Gurgaon..jpg

Being a spice junkie, I have always looked out for options which cater to my taste buds and with the newly launched Barcelos in my town i.e. Gurugram, my wish to have spicy flavours on my plate is finally came true. The best part for me is Barcelos is just 10 minutes away from my home, Lucky Me J Isn’t It?  Hey not to worry, Barcelos is very near to Iffco Chowk Metro Station, just 5 minutes drive from there, one can easily get a cab/ auto to reach the spicy destination for tasting exquisite food options.

From the Tangy Tomatoes used in Red Burger to Cocoa flavour of Black Burgers and the Coconut – each flavour of the bun bread will tranquil your taste buds. Barcelos Black Burger

Burger Barcelos.jpg

Well, my favourite is definitely BLACK Burger that’s made up of Cocoa, since I’m a true chocolate lover and the mild sweet taste of the bun with tangy peri peri sauce and a big cutlet with loads of melted cheese; Add in tomato slice with mayo adds plenty of good ooze factors to the overall taste that you can’t resist. 

Black Burgers.jpg

Barcleos to me stands for a spicy retreat centre where a spice lover like me just gets crazy with the finger licking dishes like Peri Peri Paneer, Peri Peri Mushroom & not to forget the divine Mezze platter. This platter reminded me of my Dubai trip, and this is definitely the Best I’ve ever had in India! Moist, Crunchy Falafel with Lip-Smacking Dips, Pita Bread accompanied with hummus, Lavaash will drool you all over.

Barcelos Menu.jpg

Although I’m a vegetarian but my brother had a gala time at Barcelos and tried signature Peri Peri Chicken dish served with four variants of sauces to satiate you taste buds, Mild-Peri, Veri-Peri, Supa-Peri and Tangy Lemon. Trust me, he was salivating with the yummy taste and juice texture of the chicken, Thank You team Barcelos for the awesome delights. OMG Look at the Qty, this was served for 2 people 🙂 Awesome Right?

IMG_7884.JPGThe Best Mocktail to try over at Sangria Bar is Kiwi Cooler & Tangy Mango Molecular Drink!  I loved the tangy taste and hats off to this awesome twist. I also had Pineapple Sangria made up of white wine, amazing cocktail for me 🙂 

Mocktails.jpgLoved the hospitality by the extremely courteous staff who has worked hard to make the dining experience memorable.

In one sentence, I would like to sum up Barcelos as – “Good steak, good drinks and good service!”, “Excellent, Excellent, EXCELLENT!!”

Price for Two  – Rs.1200 to Rs.1500

Our Rating – 4.5/5


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