SENS ‘Anti-Aging & Wellness’ Clinic – Holistic Wellness Solutions For MIND, BODY & SOUL

You are never too old to be young. Is this true in your case, If not SENS Clinic is here to set you free from your all your skin ageing worries. SENS is – multi-specialty Anti-ageing & wellness clinic that provides holistic wellness solutions for MIND, BODY & SOUL through functional and regenerative medicine and lifestyle management.


What interests me more about SENS Clinic is that they not only provide external solution that is limited just to your external beauty to defy age but a 360 degree approach to heal yourself from internally.

SENS Clinic.

Another exciting thing that sets SENS Clinic apart from the clutter is – that they have partnered with renowned International doctors who comes with decades of experience and is expert in their own field. Get Ready to Wow Yourself with Expertise + Technology + Nature that rejuvenate you from within. Each expert at SENS Clinic focuses on providing customized solution for everyone as per their skin, body, routine etc to create long lasting effects. SENS Clinic says that we’re happy when you’re happy.

SENS Clinic Offers.jpg

Well, this is the first time in India, SENS Anti-ageing and wellness clinic is bringing together –the best International and Indian practices, medical practitioners and latest technologies to provide holistic wellness solutions for MIND, BODY & SOUL through functional and regenerative medicine and lifestyle management.

Well known Experts like Dr. Graham Simpson from U.S.A (Primal MD – UAE), Neil Petch, Chairman, Primal MD, Julie Powell (Great Lengths UK), Dr. Mark Houston (USA), Tactio (France), Curatronics (Israel) at SENS Clinic offers customized solutions to restore your health with the innovative technologies that are 100% natural.

IMG_7340.JPG I duly abide by the saying – Skin Ageing is not a disease; in fact it’s a phenomenon as told by the SENS Experts. Both External as well as Internal factors such as change in lifestyle, hectic schedules, worries/ tensions, pollution are responsible for Skin Ageing  and there is no shortcut to get yourself relieved from  all such things. In fact, its time of evolve yourself for a beautiful transformation for a happier you.

On the occasion of the launch, Mrs. Shanam Chadha, Director, Wave Group said: “Our vision is to create a series of wellness centres ‘healing the aging human cells’ through the mind–body- soul, using scientifically proven, research-driven and medically adapted natural forms of wellness treatments reflecting inner and outer body, thereby improving the quality of our lives,” added Mrs. Chadha.

Mr. Sanjay Sachdeva, Executive Director, SENS clinic, said: “SENS is a thought leader in its field of extending lifespan and adding life to your years without medicine and hospitalization. The core philosophy and thought behind SENS is to combine the wisdom of state of the art diagnostic tools specifically designed for age management to detect latest disorders and biological age without exposing the patient to harmful tests.”

Mr. Sanjay Sachdeva

Mr. Sanjay Sanchdeva

“SENS is offering age management services using methodology of Diet, Nutraceuticals and Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), headed by the renowned Dr. Kalpana Shekhawat. This protocol helps rejuvenate the person at cellular level and it reflects in terms of radiant health and fitness setting up a new paradigm in age reversal. We are also bringing in Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) which is the revolutionary cure to heal fractures, chronic pain and many other diseases” added Mr. Sachdeva.

With so much of expertise, one can be assure of the services provided by SENS Clinic. It’s time to enhance your body experience by visiting SENS Clinic located at South Extension Delhi. SENS Clinic is a fully equipped state of the art Skin, Aesthetics & Laser centre with 9 treatment rooms. The beauty experts i.e. doctors such as Dr. Debjani Chakraborty, Dr. Vidushi Jain and Dr. Aarushi Passi will help you with the latest technologies to discover the new you.

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SENS Clinic believes in adding years to your life and life to your years – Sensitively!! with world class and revolutionary age management solutions – from Functional & Regenerative medicine to Cosmetic Dermatology, Alternative Healing, Hair & Make Up Studio.

The health and wellness package will cost you around – Rs.15k to Rs.20k, bit expensive. But, I must it is good to be proactive and then later repenting and running after the artificial treatments like BOTOX etc which are not only painful but also temporary.

I loved the concept and the launch event thoroughly. Thanks team SENS for the amazing eye opener event.


You can visit  SENS Clinic at Address –  SENS Clinic, M – 10, 2nd Floor, South Extension – II, New Delhi – 110049, India

For Bookings you can either email at  : ,  or Call them at their Tel: +91- 858-8848-439


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