“From My Kitchen to Yours” Debut Cook Book launched by Maria Goretti

Cooking is an art of life, In fact a never ending pleasure: it’s therapy after a day at work, it’s a treasure to win hearts of friends and family, and it’s just perfectly enjoyable to create something delicious.

From decades, so many culinary experts have shared their food experiences either by organizing cooking classes, sharing their exclusive and easy recipes via magazine articles, TV shows, cook books & the latest videos & blogs.

Cook books have always inspired us to get closer to our family because they motivate us to challenge ourselves and experiment with food by trying various dishes at home. But majority of the time what happens we either don’t get understand the ingredients mentioned or those ingredients are not available as per the season, which spoils are cooking thunder.

What if home cooks gets a magic wand of the recipes that is framed for you season wise and conveniently compiled in a book with phenomenal cuisines, new head notes, beautiful pictures and informative user tips.

Well, Popular VJ and model Maria Goretti’s recently launched her first debut cook book “From My Kitchen To Yours”   in association with Om Books International and BollyGoods at Living Room at The Mansion, Hyatt Regency Delhi which celebrates Life that’s full of Love & Food.

Maria Goretti Cook Book Launch From My Kitchen to Yours

Maria Goretti Cook Book Launch From My Kitchen to Yours

Talking about the book, From My Kitchen to Yours, Maria Goretti shares her passion for Food, Love and Other Ingredients that makes her life a celebration, with memorable recipes from her mother’s East-Indian spreads, aromas from her grandmother’s kitchen, and the food that she has seen, touched and tasted over her many travels across India, and the world, as a VJ with MTV. Add to that, all those delicious dishes she has eaten at her friends’ homes, especially those sinful desserts that she loved, which she tried and tried till she got them right.

Maria Goretti Cook Book Launch From My Kitchen to Yours

Maria Goretti Cook Book  From My Kitchen to Yours

The book is all about the people we love and want to cook for, but what we really liked Maria  saying was that don’t go just by my recipes until its baking dishes, add a twist of your own taste and make them your own, a reality of cooking. “Made from easily accessible ingredients, the recipes are extremely “home style & can be tried easily at home even by the first time cooks.”

“Maria with her debut book, From My Kitchen to Yours desires to spread happiness to everyone who goes out there and gets it for themselves or for someone they love.” She added that the commencement of the book has really helped her in discovering her secreted talent as she’s never imagined to have a full-fledged book to her credit.

We were overwhelmed to see the way Maria was thanking Arshad for understanding & motivating her dreams, her passion for cooking on their trip to Bhutan, which inspired her to pen down the book. A true love isn’t it.

Maria was splendid with the launch and was found signing the copies; I too got mine, amazing it is.

Maria Goretti Cook Book Launch From My Kitchen to Yours

Maria Goretti signing the books, I too got mine

About the Book

The book comes handy with a beautiful green cover with a detailed index mentioning the inside sections of the book.

The book is divided into 12 months, with each month having a six course meal layout (soups, salads, starters, non-vegetarian and vegetarian main course dishes, and desserts), the book has 72 recipes in all and Goretti has dedicated each month to a person, an occasion or an emotion.

Out of total 72 recipes, seven of Goretti’s recipes have been borrowed from her friends; the remaining 65 were conjured up by her, after multiple attempts, while her actor-husband Arshad Warsi, son Zeke and daughter Zene remains the straight forward critics approving it by YAYY or NAYY”

The book comes with a foreword by actress and politician Jaya Bachchan, the book presents easy-to-make recipes with ingredients readily available in any home kitchen. It contains an array of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes.

Maria’s Culinary Delight

We also got a chance to taste some of the recipes from the Menu which were extremely delicious and is definitely home style. Take a look of what all we had:

Maria Goretti Cook Book Launch From My Kitchen to Yours

Salads & Soups “From My Kitchen to Yours” Cook  Book

Maria Goretti Cook Book Launch - From My Kitchen to yours

Desserts from Maria Goretti “From My KitchenTo Yours” Cook Book

Book Price – Rs.999

Availability – OM Book Stores across India

Maria plans to launch more cook books in the near future.

About the Associates:

Maria Goretti Cook Book Launch - From My Kitchen to yours

From Left Ajay Mago, Arshad warsi,Promila Bahri and Maria Goretti

Ajay Mago, Publisher, Om Books International said on the occasion, ‘A couple of years ago, I happened to go through Maria’s blog and was certain that she could put together a unique book redolent not only with the flavours of her rich cultural moorings, but also with those picked up along her journeys across India and beyond. And each page of this book reflects that vibrant repository and crossroad of cuisines that foodies like myself live for, cooked, as she avers, with Love as the key ingredient.’

Promila Jain Bahri, Founder and Director, BollyGoods added, ‘My favourite from Maria’s book is the Strawberry Salad – its healthy, looks yummy and is low on calories. The one thing I’ve learnt from this vivacious celebrity couple is that the heart is important in whatever you do.’

Ravish Kapoor Founder of Innovative Invitations said‘It has been an absolute pleasure to associate with BollyGoods and Om Books International for the book launch of Maria Goretti. Making personalised invitations for a prestigious event like this was an exceptional experience.’

BollyGoods, a one-of-its-kind platform that promotes celebrity lifestyle and their inherited aesthetics, is all geared up this season to give you a peek into the world of the celluloid born. BollyGoods held its 1st edition in New Delhi that primarily focused on a spectrum of celluloid inspired themes on art, lifestyle and fashion.


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